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12 Biggest Tech Gifts for 2017

In recent years, tech gifts have increased in popularity and become some of the Must Have gifts every year for consumers. Whether they are tech savvy or not, everyone is looking forward to something on this year’s list of must-have gifts.

For the phone enthusiasts in us all, there is the iPhone X, with its 4K screen and water-resistant casing. Not to be left out, Samsung makes the list with the Samsung Galaxy S8, sporting a true infinity screen, expandable memory, and fingerprint scanner.

For the gamer on your list, both Microsoft and Nintendo have Must Have offerings this holiday that is getting gamers all fired up. Microsoft’s Xbox One X just hit shelves in November and is already garnering attention for its impressive 4K visuals and 6 teraflop GPU, making it the fastest console on the market. Nintendo launched their new Switch console earlier in the year which brings the ability to game on the go as well as support for up to four players either on the go or at the house.

Speaking of 4K, both the Samsung Q7F and TCL S405 sport beautiful 4K resolution screens and the perfect gift for gamers and movie enthusiasts alike. If you’re all about staying mobile, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is this year’s tablet of choice while Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 runs circles around comparable laptops.

The list is rounded out with entries for photographers (Sony’s Alpha 6000), anyone looking to get into the home assistant ring (Google’s Home Mini), and finally for the Star Wars fan in the house (Sphero’s remote controlled R2-D2 and BB-9E).

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