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No Longer Feeling The “Love” From Your IT Provider? Here are 13 Reasons to Switch Your IT Service Provider.

IT services support nearly everything your business does.

Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) should help you compete more effectively by using next-generation technologies that increase efficiencies, improve communications, and guarantee the security of your data. They should be your Strategic IT Partner.

Your current MSP may have promised this in the beginning.   However, some IT Providers become complacent over time. For this reason, it’s essential that you take the time to determine if you’re getting the services and value you deserve.

A recent study by the Everest Group, a consulting and research firm that focuses on strategic IT business services, reports that nearly half of all businesses around the globe aren’t satisfied with their current IT provider; and an amazing 25% are highly unsatisfied.

The following are some of the reasons why   we fall “out of love” with our IT Providers:

  1. IT problems reoccur. Repeated occurrences of IT issues are a sign that an IT provider must be replaced. This is likely due to their lack of vigilance, technical expertise, and professionalism. Don’t risk your confidential data or your business success to this kind of complacency.
  2. Response times are slow. Are you experiencing longer wait times than you have before? Do you need to call your MSP all the time because they don’t check in on you? Perhaps they’re understaffed. Regardless, your MSP should be able to respond to your issues immediately. If not, it may be time to move on to another.
  3. You aren’t getting 24/7 monitoring. Every IT system, from desktop systems, mobile devices to business telephone networks must be monitored around the clock to detect issues before they create real problems. And, this service must be ongoing 24/7. If not, you’ll face downtime, frustrations and lost work hours.
  4. Security issues aren’t being monitored as they should. Your provider should be monitoring your technology for security issues 24/7. They should also offer security awareness training to prevent hackers from gaining access to your confidential data via unsuspecting employees. The “bad guys” are developing new, more damaging forms of malware all the time. Is your MSP a step ahead of them? If not, this is another reason to “break off the romance.”
  5. You lose data after an incident. Unless there’s a viable reason for this (In other words, if it was your fault.),   this is a valid reason to break a contract with your IT provider. Reliable and consistent backup and restore operations are mandatory. Unfortunately, this is still one the biggest challenges many MSP’s faces. Lost data is unacceptable. If this happens on your MSPs’ “watch,” it’s time for them to go.
  6. They don’t follow through. There’s no excuse for this. If your IT provider is too busy to follow up with you after a service call, it’s not worth keeping them around. It’s absolutely necessary for them to communicate accurately and thoroughly with your management team.
  7. Their contracts aren’t flexible. Even though you’ve signed a contract for a specific period of time, your provider should still allow you to adjust services, and make changes to the contract if your IT needs justify this. You shouldn’t have to pay for services you aren’t using.
  8. Your IT provider requires price increases every year. If your IT provider increases the price of their services each year (supposedly to cover the cost of inflation), you may want to consider replacing them. In some cases, these increases are significantly higher than they should be. Make sure they provide a valid reason for this, or it’s time to consider changing MSPs.
  9. You receive “surprise” invoices. This should never happen. Your MSP should always keep you apprised of what equipment or services you’ll be charged for. They should also help you plan for any additional expenses, so you can work them into your budget. Plus, the sophisticated ticketing systems MSPs have access to make it easy for them to track the status of issues. If they have this knowledge, so should you.
  10. They are constantly trying to upsell you. There are legitimate reasons for suggesting new and improved technologies. But if you find that your MSP is always trying to sell you new products or services that don’t match your needs, it may be time to make a switch to another MSP.
  11. It seems like new IT techs are showing up all the time. This is likely because the IT company is experiencing a high turnover rate. As you know, this is a poor reflection on a business. Either there are management or hiring issues, or both. You have enough to deal with. You deserve to have a designated IT professional who gets to know and understand your business needs.
  12. You’ve outgrown them. As your business grows so does your dependence on technology. Unless your IT provider recognizes this and accommodates your growing needs, you can suffer from unreliable communications, increased slowdowns and downtime, and a backlog of needed improvements and upgrades.
  13. You need Strategic IT Planning. Many IT providers simply provide reactive repairs and fixes. With the increasing dependence on technology and its ever-evolving capabilities, your business requires much more. You need a Strategic IT Partner who understands your current and future technology needs and works proactively to align an IT strategy with your company’s goals and objectives.

During any relationship there comes a time when you need to reassess your priorities, this includes the relationship with your IT provider.  If they don’t meet the criteria listed above, it’s time to reconsider your options.  Switching IT providers is probably easier than you think, and certainly much easier than breaking off a real romance.

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