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Coleman Technologies Help South Surrey Jeweller With Complete Technology Solution

José & Co. Custom Jewellers is a boutique company based out of South Surrey, British Columbia, devoted to the production and sale of beautiful pieces of jewellery. They were looking for something more than just a technology company that would fix their computers after they’d already suffered another break down. They were tired of wasting money struggling to get their work done with systems that just weren’t keeping up with their needs. They needed help, but they didn’t want just anyone – they wanted IT support that would be focused on their unique needs, as well as helping guide them into the future.

That’s when they turned to Coleman Technologies.

As a custom jewellery boutique, José & Co. utilize their information technology as part of the foundation for their sales and communications. It’s not just about keeping records or making invoices – it’s about being able to connect to existing clients and prospective customers with speed and ease. It’s about being able to rest easy knowing that important files, emails, contacts, and calendars are kept secure from data loss or disaster. It’s about marketing and making the right impression with everyone that sends an email, calls, or comes in the shop.

The Situation: Looking for IT Support That Can Be Trusted

José Latchinian, the CEO of José & Co., said that he’d grown tired of IT support that wasn’t focused on the needs of his business. “As a designer, I need to devote my time and energy on something productive for me. I need someone that will guide me through resolving the issue, not speaking to me in technical language – someone that will communicate in layman’s terms. And if there’s an issue, I can communicate in layman’s terms that he understands too.”

He said that in the past, he’d dealt with IT companies that “danced around issues.” He didn’t want condescending technobabble – he wanted someone he could trust to provide leadership and straightforward service that he could rely upon.

The Resolution: An IT Company That Focuses on Proactive Solutions & Completely Managed and Customized Services

Coleman Technologies was recommended to José by a realtor friend, and right from the get-go, it was obvious that we were a good fit. “Darren Coleman, CEO of Coleman Technologies is very easy to communicate with,” said José. “I like that!. When I met with him, he was very straightforward. He used totally clear and concise language with no tone of condescension.”

We got to work right away, not only on addressing the existing performance and reliability issues of José’s systems, but also on planning for the future of his IT investments.

Some of the services we immediately began providing for José & Co. include:

– Remote Monitoring and Management – Keeping the company’s systems watched over 24/7 in order to proactively deal with IT issues as they arise and maintain a high standard of 99% uptime.

– Managed Anti-Virus – Safeguarding the company’s email and networks with state-of-the-art anti-virus software, so any form of malware is prevented from attacking their systems.

-Onsite & Offsite Backups – Not only providing onsite processes and products to safely backup the company’s important records and systems, but also securing them in an offsite data centre in case any disaster should ever befall their onsite equipment.

– Computer & Network Management – Regular maintenance, upgrades, and analysis of the company’s IT assets, in order to make sure everything is performing at its best and giving the best return on investment.

Together, we’re focused on the future. “They don’t turn around and make it just good enough for 6 months or a year,” said José. “It’s good for 5 years, and, if you want, you could change it anytime over the 5 year period.”

So what’s next for José and Co.’s relationship with Coleman Technologies? “I’d like to transfer everything over to them,” said José. “Get all of my IT needs under one roof. They have a proven track record – everyone has spoken very highly of them, and had nothing but praise.”

Tired of IT support that doesn’t focus on your future? Coleman Technologies is ready to meet with you, discuss what YOUR needs are, and show you that there’s a better way to handle all your IT needs. Call us at (604) 513-9428 or send an email to today to learn more about how we can help you.

José S. Latchinian, President

José & Co. Custom Jewellers,

A Busy Vancouver Real Estate Broker Said Four Words About Coleman Technologies That Tell It All—“I’d Hire Them Again!”

Rick Dubord, President HomeLife Realty Services needed an IT service provider who knew what a real estate broker required. Plus he needed a team of IT professionals who was available 24/7, and was familiar with the industry and the challenges that they face on a daily basis. He found one—Coleman Technologies. That was ten years ago and Rick has never looked back.

Today Darren and the team at Coleman Technologies act as HomeLife Realty’s complete outsourced IT department. They manage all aspects of HomeLife’s IT including onsite and remote services, managed antivirus, Internet connectivity and much more for their various locations.

Rick and his team of over 20 employees rely on Coleman for everything IT:

“Darren and the experts at Coleman manage all of our IT equipment and computers. They ensure the integrity of our data, and that our computers can access Board data, which is critical to our business. Coleman Technologies is familiar with the industry challenges we face. They are dependable, knowledgeable and always available 24/7. They have become a part of our team.”

Natalie who works for Rick enthusiastically reported:

“Coleman Technologies is a great resource when we have new realtors in the office. They help guide them on the latest and greatest IT tools!”

According to Rick, Coleman Technologies goes “above and beyond the call of duty” on a regular basis:

“Coleman Technologies also provides services to our sales people. We are a mobile business—We’re always on the move. So we depend on Coleman to ensure we can work on the go. Kevin from Coleman even looks after my PCs at home. Plus I can count on the team at Coleman to work with third parties. They provide a liaison that I really depend on. If I need IT support when I’m holding a training, and there’s a glitch or problem, Coleman Technologies will be there to rescue me and ensure I have the technology to deliver a great presentation. I’d hire them again!”

Can you say that you’d hire your IT provider again? Most can’t. Contact Coleman Technologies and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Plus be sure to sign up for our complimentary IT Review. Call 604.513.9428.

Rick Dubord

HomeLife Realty Services,

Case Study: Wolf and Company Charted Accountants

Wolf and Company Charted Accountants in Surrey and Abbotsford, British Columbia, is a well-respected and established firm that’s been in business since 1952. When their technology needs became too complex for their staff to manage on their own, they knew they needed help—They turned to Coleman Technologies.

Darren and the team at Coleman Technologies installed and implemented the following for Wolf and Company:

– A VPN (virtual private network) so they could securely access their data over the Internet.

– Remote access between their two office locations.

– Both onsite and cloud backups to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

– Proactive remote monitoring, asset tracking, automated maintenance, and managed antivirus.

Bryan Locke, a Partner at Wolf and Company Charted Accountants, tells us: “Coleman Technologies develops and maintains all of our computers, network and related services. They are on call 24/7 —Very rare in this day and age. The team at Coleman Technologies provides excellent service, and are very knowledgeable.

” Business continuity and data recovery are extremely important according to Bryan: “Our information is sensitive and confidential, so we require the best in these related services, and have found that with Coleman Technologies. They have also networked all of our personal computers with those in the office. “We recommend Coleman Technologies to others, and they too have been very satisfied with their services. Coleman Technologies is ‘first class!’”

Are you looking for a “First-Class” IT Provider? Turn to Coleman Technologies and experience the IT services you deserve. For a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your technology needs, call (604) 513-9428.

Bryan Locke, Partner

Wolf and Company Charted Accountants,

Case Study: Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd.

Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. chose Coleman Technologies to solve their website, email and file-sharing problems.

Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. is the exclusive Zamboni dealership for British Columbia and the Yukon. Like most businesses, technology is a crucial part of their operation, so it’s important for them to be confident in their IT support provider so that they can get their work done.

Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. relies on IT every day to accomplish their work. Email and online collaborative tools allow them to work more efficiently amongst themselves and communicate with customers, as well their website is an important facet of their sales efforts. Without the right support, these vital technologies were constantly at risk of failing, which would result in serious consequences to their business.

The situation: Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. needed a Managed Service Provider that could offer comprehensive support for a range of their business’ Information Technologies.

Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. was experiencing ongoing issues with their email, file sharing and remote access capabilities, as well as with their website. Thanks to a referral, Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. was connected with Coleman Technologies who quickly addressed each of these issues with effective IT solutions.

The solution: Coleman Technologies to determined optimal solutions for each of Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd.’s issues.

Coleman Technologies ended up being the ideal choice for Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd., matching their needs with the following premium technologies:

– Coleman Technologies outfitted Crocker Equipment Co. with Microsoft Exchange for their email needs, and Microsoft File Sharing for their collaborative efforts.

– Coleman Technologies used WordPress to develop a modern and user-friendly website for them

– Coleman Technologies provided a remote access solution using Logmein.

Earl P. Vorrath, President of Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd., was impressed with the IT solutions that Coleman Technologies employed to address his issues, stating that Coleman Technologies, ” Supported us with the latest technologies available.”

The Outcome: Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. now enjoys an optimized IT environment, with premium hosting and maintenance services keeping their website running smoothly.

Coleman Technologies continues to provide Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. with a number of services, including:

Scheduled Office Hours to check the state of their IT infrastructure and meet in person to discuss any other concerns.

Website hosting and maintenance that ensures interested customers can always reach out to Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. online.

Consulting services that help the staff at Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. consider all their options when making business decisions that involve IT.

As their partner in IT, Coleman Technologies is always available to help the staff at Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. get more out of their technology. Recently, representatives from Coleman Technologies visited their office to demonstrate the value of their new telephone technology. “They helped with the benefits and features of a new phone system, which added value for us,” says Vorrath. “I would definitely recommend their team”.

Are you putting up with similar IT issues at your business? Contact Coleman Technologies at (604) 513-9428 or today to receive the same unbeatable IT support services enjoyed by Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd.

Earl Vorrath

Crocker Equipment Co Ltd,

Does Your Current IT Support Company Overcharge and Under-Deliver? Coleman Technologies is Here to Help You Handle Your Growing IT Needs – Without Going Over Your Budget!

Frontline Real Estate Services Ltd., a full-service real estate agency, has extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate, which allows them to provide leading real estate broker and marketing services throughout Surrey and Langley, BC. When Frontline Real Estate Services was going through a growth spurt and needed an IT support company to assist them along the way, Coleman Technologies was the right choice for the job!

When Frontline Real Estate Services started to grow at a rapid rate, their previous IT support company couldn’t deliver the cost-effective IT services and timely support needed to assist them along the way.

The Situation: A Need for Cost-Efficient IT Services and Timely Support to Meet Their Growing IT Needs

As a small business, Frontline Real Estate Services was unable to handle their growing IT needs in-house due to challenges associated with cost and complexity. And as their previous IT support company was over-charging and under-delivering, they started searching for an IT support company to provide cost-efficient IT services and timely support.

Jordan Macdonald, Co-Owner & Chairman of Frontline Real Estate Services, explained their decision to work with Coleman Technologies: “It’s simply not feasible for a small business to hire an in-house IT employee due to costly overhead. When our accountant recommended Coleman Technologies, we found their offering to be perfect for small businesses.”

The Resolution: A Reliable and Trustworthy Outsourced IT Department to Handle Their Entire IT Infrastructure

Coleman Technologies acts as Frontline Real Estate Services’ complete IT department to handle their entire IT infrastructure – from the network to photocopiers to phones to software and everything in between.

“They show up twice a month for a couple hours to handle our IT needs at a flat rate, so we can always predict and budget for our IT expenses. Plus, they resolve a lot of our IT issues remotely as opposed to coming onsite and interrupting our workday. Their services simply fit the size of our company very well. And they’re a lot more cost-effective than our previous IT support company!” Jordan expressed.

Looking for a reliable IT support company to handle your evolving IT needs? Contact Coleman Technologies – We offer the cost-efficient IT services and reliable support necessary to keep your technology up and running at all times.

Call (604) 513-9428 or email Coleman Technologies at to learn more about our Vancouver and Lower Mainland IT Services for Real Estate firms

Frontline Real Estate Services

Jordan MacDonald,

InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy Looks To Coleman Technologies To Upgrade Their IT Strategy

As a multi-disciplinary clinic, InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy relies heavily upon their technologies in order to carry out daily operations in all aspects of their business. However, as the optometry and occupational therapy clinic began facing challenges in their IT environment, it was clear to see that professional help was needed. Luckily, Coleman Technologies was recommended and immediately got to work assessing, problem-solving, and implementing solutions in order for InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy to achieve their goals.

As both healthcare and technology fields continue to advance at rapid rates, it is imperative that businesses in these areas can keep up. For a business in this area to outgrow the IT services and support being provided by its original vendor can make for major complications. A business can be presented with significant setbacks as it tries to find a new partner that can handle its needs before it is too late.

The Situation: The Need For Dependable Solutions & Timely Support To Avoid Downtime!

“We are a multi-disciplinary clinic. Dependable technology is necessary for efficient patient care in all aspects of our business.” explains Office Manager, Moira Gale, at InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy.

Unfortunately, experiencing performance issues with their previous IT provider, InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy knew it was time to seek out professional IT assistance in order to avoid downtime and allow them to perform at their highest levels of efficiency. Along with the need for printing solutions -a key to carrying out daily operations-, a serious need for a well qualified and certified advisor was present.

The Solution: Responsive Support & Innovative Improvements To Their IT Environment That Maximize Efficiency!

Thankfully for InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy, a referral came from their copier technician that would bring them the change in IT strategy needed to achieve their goals – Coleman Technologies.

Since partnering with Coleman Technologies, InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy has seen significant benefits. Some of the benefits that Gale says have kept the partnership strong include the “dependable, courteous, fast, efficient service – they are there when we need them”. Innovative improvements that stay on top of potential issues, provide peace of mind, keep them safe, and minimize their downtime have all been implemented, including:

Monthly scheduled maintenance.
Quick call backs after emergency calls placed. – “It’s very re-assuring that the problem will be corrected,” comments Gale.
Max Focus (GFI) remote monitoring and antivirus.

The Outcome: A Truly Dependable IT Partnership With Sophisticated Services That Work Best For Their Clinic!

Gale continues expressing appreciation for the work that Coleman Technologies has done to date, and continues to do, for InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy. She shares an example of where Coleman Technologies has gone above and beyond the regular call of duty for the optometry and occupational therapy clinic, saying, “A virus came in via an attachment and we ended up sending out spam email to our patients. Coleman Technologies was quick to call me when the problem was realized, did immediate problem solving, and re-arranged their schedule to come in and do a full fix of the problem.”

To a company looking to outsource their IT services, on behalf of InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy, Gale says Coleman Technologies is recommended – “Knowledgeable, current, and professional.”

If your company is in need of the highest quality Managed IT Services, Coleman Technologies has a team you can trust! To learn more, call us at (604) 513-9428, or send us an email:

Moria Gale

InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy,

Coleman Technologies Deploys a Solid IT Infrastructure for Leading BC Real Estate Firm

REMI Realty is a full-service real estate and property management company with offices in Langley B.C. and North Vancouver. The team of real estate experts at REMI Realty work daily to provide leading rental and property management services to a variety of commercial and residential clients. Technology plays a huge role in the firm’s ability to sufficiently manage their large roster of properties and provide a full, professional level of service to all clients. Their day-to-day operations are dependent on efficient and reliable technology with minimal downtime. Furthermore, REMI Realty requires secure file sharing and data access for their employees in both offices, even when they’re home or on the road, and after business hours in case of an emergency.

When looking for a reliable managed IT service provider, the REMI Realty team wanted a partner who could help support their business operations to drive productivity and growth. They also wanted someone local who could be readily available with strategic solutions and informed planning. After interviewing a few local providers, REMI Realty made the decision to partner with Coleman Technologies.

“We liked the fact Coleman Technologies understands what we do, is located nearby, and is an owner-operated company,” says Parisa Tong from REMI Realty. “We chose Coleman because we were confident that we would be taken care of.”

The Coleman Approach: Optimize IT Infrastructure to Better Support Business Demands

As soon as Coleman Technologies came on board, their team did a complete review of REMI Realty’s IT infrastructure, and determined what areas needed improvement and what solutions needed to be deployed. It didn’t take long before the Coleman team had a fail-proof plan to keep REMI Realty even more productive, secure and profitable through strategic technology deployments.

Coleman Technologies helped to implement the following IT solutions for REMI Realty:

Connectivity between the two REMI Realty offices so their staff can securely access data on their server from wherever they are. Staff members now have seamless communication capabilities and are connected using a VPN (SSL VPN though DELL Sonic Wall), Terminal Services, and Hosted Exchange.

A brand-new backup system. The Datto backup solution that Coleman deployed provides reliable and secure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery tools for REMI Realty. Thanks to this new system, the entire REMI system can be virtualized in the cloud within minutes, even in the case of data breach or disaster.
Sonicwall Firewall and Managed Antivirus Solution to ensure ongoing security of their data, and to prevent malware intrusions. This way, hackers are stopped in their tracks before damage can be done or data can be stolen.

The Outcome: An Ongoing IT Partnership that Makes Focusing on Business a Breeze

Since partnering with Coleman Technologies, REMI Realty has experienced the benefit of a fully-managed approach to IT service and support. The staff in both of their offices are extremely pleased with the services Coleman provides.

The proactive solutions that Coleman Technologies have provided allow the REMI Realty IT infrastructure to remain up and running – no matter what. Uninterrupted access to their data on-site, in transit and in the cloud, has made all the difference for REMI Realty in their effort to provide seamless property management services to clients of all kinds.

“We’ve worked with other IT companies in the past,” says Tong. “We find Coleman Technologies is far more professional than past providers. We highly recommend them due to their prompt and professional services!”

Ready to build a reliable, secure information technology foundation? Coleman Technologies can help. For a complimentary assessment of your IT needs, contact us right away by calling (604) 513-9428.

Remi Realty Inc,

When we call we get a response within minutes

Having our IT services managed by Coleman Technologies has given us the ability to keep our computers up and running and BACKED UP REGULARLY. The only other service we used was Microsoft and it was difficult to get help when we needed it. Not so with Coleman. When we call we get a response within minutes. They’re definitely worth a try, as every IT department has different needs.

Kip Leith

Independent Bankcard Solutions

extensive experience

The most advantageous reason in my experience to choose Coleman Technologies is the extensive experience the people and firm have of solving both everyday ‘mundane’ problems, and the most complicated problems that marketing people face while communicating via electronic technology. If you can keep realtors happy‎ and functioning, you will seem genius to normal people!

Ray Ayers, director

Noran West Development Ltd

diligent in their work habits and also maintain a great working relationship with everyone in our office

They always arrive in a timely manner – are diligent in their work habits and also maintain a great working relationship with everyone in our office. We hope to have them working with us for a long time to come.

Bruce Vannerus

Sutton Group West Coast Realty,


The service we have received from Coleman Technologies has been exemplary.

Vivian Georget

HomeLife Benchmark Titus Realty,

knowledgeable, and extremely pleasant

We find Darren and Kevin to ALWAYS be honest, knowledgeable, and extremely pleasant. We are on the “Monthly Plan” which keeps our costs down as well as keeps our computers running at top performance!

Your House BC

Isabella Spagnolo,

Coleman Technologies was quick to call me when the problem was realized, did immediate problem solving, and re-arranged their schedule to come in and do a full fix of the problem

A virus came in via an attachment and we ended up sending out spam email to our patients. Coleman Technologies was quick to call me when the problem was realized, did immediate problem solving, and re-arranged their schedule to come in and do a full fix of the problem.

Moira Gale

InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy,


One word – RELIABILITY. We have used Coleman Technologies for years, and no one else. They are the best!

Leslie Dale


Give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed

Coleman Technologies provides quick, reliable service that you can count on. They offer great product knowledge and friendly service. Give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

Owen Yates

Frontline Real Estate Corporation,

You’ll sleep better knowing that Coleman Technologies is part of your team

Knowing that the Coleman Technologies staff knows our needs and ensures that everything is up to date and running smoothly creates two equal benefits – less down time and less stress. Since adding Coleman Technologies to our team I can focus on other areas of the business. They collaborate with us to ensure our needs are covered and review our future needs, but never over sell us on purchasing equipment or services that we do not need. And most importantly, the staff are dependable. They always respond to our calls for assistance promptly and quickly assess if we can be assisted over the phone, or if one of the techs needs to come to our office. We are not left wondering when we can get help. You’ll sleep better knowing that Coleman Technologies is part of your team. They’re a professional, reliable firm that keeps up to date on technology and trends, and they focus on you the customer and your business to ensure you are informed on what could be beneficial to your business. They are always there to provide assistance. In the many years I have had their service, I have never been let down. They have always found a solution!

Jamie Fecteau

Royal LePage Brent Roberts Realty,

They have given us great, prompt support

Until Colman Technologies came along we didn’t realize what we didn’t have. They have given us great, prompt support. In our world, that is what it takes and we appreciate their services.

Earl Vorrath

Crocker Equipment Co Ltd,

Working with them is a great way to offset that risk

Colman Technologies gives us peace of mind that someone “has our back” while we focus on doing what we do best in service to our own clients, as opposed to trying to stay up to date on tech issues in our “spare” time. I appreciate their ability to promptly respond to the occasional crisis so as to limit our downtime and get us back to doing productive work. Procrastination that leaves your business less than adequately protected can be costly in wasted time and resources, and could also potentially impact the reputation of your firm as well. Working with them is a great way to offset that risk.

Lawrence W. Coulter, Lawyer

Langco Management Corp

We wouldn’t have anyone else work on our systems!

Having someone come in and help us manage our technical problems has been amazing! And we aren’t stuck on the phone trying to get a hold of support. We have great service to the office that is efficient, and they are in fixing the problem within a day or two! They provide great service and are friendly doing it! They also try to explain what is going on to us when there is a problem so we learn more about our systems, and can try and become somewhat self-sufficient in fixing the little things. They never expect us to understand, but they also never act like we can’t. These guys are awesome! They do superb work from the little fix-it’s with printers and error messages to setting up whole new systems. They are well versed in current technology and are always keeping the office updated as well. You never feel awkward around them when they come to work at your station and they always bring a positive attitude into the office. We wouldn’t have anyone else work on our systems!

Alex Holmes

HomeLife Benchmark Realty Walnut Grove,

We have never had to worry about not having our system on full operation

We have never had to worry about not having our system on full operation. My life before was all about chasing computer viruses and updating security systems, but now I just show up at the office and never have to think about my computer not working. Darren is very available to troubleshoot on weekends and evenings, which is great.

Jon Moss,

Highly recommended.

We are extremely happy with the service we have received from Darren Coleman and his team. They are very quick to respond to problems, and we have yet to encounter an IT issue that they were not able to promptly resolve at a reasonable cost. Highly recommended.

James MacLean, Lawyer

Milne Selkirk,

We found Coleman Technologies’ offering to be perfect for small businesses.

It’s simply not feasible for a small business to hire an in-house IT employee due to costly overhead. When our accountant recommended Coleman Technologies, we found their offering to be perfect for small businesses.

Jordan MacDonald

Caulfield Rock,

We have referred your services to many of our clients and have received a very positive feedback.

The biggest benefit for us has been their expertise, timeliness of service, hands-on ownership, and concern for the problems and issues. Absolutely use Coleman Technologies as they are one company that will be there when you need them most, and are efficient and provide immediate assistance.

Bryan Locke

Partner, Wolf and Company Chartered Accountants,

Coleman Technologies response time is VERY good, and we greatly appreciate that.

I love not having to deal with the frustration of trying to become IT experts, or take time away from doing what we do best to sort out IT issues. Their response time is VERY good, and we greatly appreciate that. They also explain things in terms we can understand and give what we feel is honest advice on how best to approach our challenges. Feeling that we can trust our IT advisor is a big deal. Darren and his team are the ones you want to keep your IT issues stress free so you can go on with business.

Delia Schatz

Frontline Real Estate Services Ltd.,

Coleman Technologies offers quick, efficient and continued reliable service.

They provide personalized care, and help our company prepare for ongoing technology changes that can affect our business. We have been a long term satisfied customer. If in doubt, call me!

Colin Dreyer

Founding Director of Verico Financial Group, Inc.

The Coleman Technologies team is readily available, and always there for us.

With over 3600 members in our local, we know we can rely on the fact that Darren and his team are taking great care of us. The level of service and how quickly they provide it is by far superior to any other company we have worked with.

Ryan Groundwater

President, CUPE 728,

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