Coleman Technologies Solves IT Problems For Cloverdale Cold Storage At A Cost-Effective Rate

written by DARREN COLEMAN posted on July 27, 2021

Cloverdale Cold Storage LTD. is a public cold storage company. They provide refrigerated warehouse space for a range of customers to meet their bulk long-term storage needs.

With more than 115,000 possible pallet positions in their three warehouses, Cloverdale Cold Storage manages its storage on a granular level through digital inventory solutions. This makes them a highly agile company, and allows them to deliver highly detailed information to the customer as needed.

To do what they do effectively, Cloverdale Cold Storage needs a well-maintained IT environment and a dependable IT partner. That’s why they’ve partnered with Coleman Technologies.

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Cloverdale Cold Storage Was Looking For Personal And Cost-Effective IT Support

“We used to have an in-house IT guy,” says Don Fenske, Cloverdale Cold Storage. “We then moved on to a larger IT company.”

Prior to working with Coleman Technologies, Cloverdale Cold Storage went through a couple of different IT support arrangements. At first, like many businesses, they started by hiring and managing an internal IT staff member. However, given the size and scope of Cloverdale Cold Storage’s operations, it wasn’t long until they realized they needed to scale up.

Cloverdale Cold Storage then chose to outsource with a local IT company. Don knew they wanted a team that was nearby, and that was the right size in order to be able to address their needs.

“I wanted them to be big enough to handle Cloverdale’s IT needs, but small enough that we would know them,” says Don. “I also wanted them within 10 minutes’ driving distance.”

While, at first, the company Cloverdale Cold Storage chose met these criteria, it wasn’t long until things changed. The IT company underwent a merger and massive expansion, which caused them to quickly grow past the personal service Cloverdale Cold Storage expected from them.

“What happened is that we chose this company, and very soon after, they expanded,” says Don. “When you would call in, you would identify yourself, you might get somebody in Edmonton or Calgary or Toronto, and the personal touch got lost.”

Furthermore, this IT company also ended up being far more expensive than Cloverdale Cold Storage expected. While the general maintenance and support services they offered were covered by a per-user flat rate, any additional support requests came at an additional charge. That’s why, near the start of 2021, Don began looking for a new IT company.

“When I found Coleman Technologies, one of the things that caught my eye was the flat fee service,” says Don. “No extra charges: that appealed big time to me.”

Coleman Technologies Delivers A Quality Of Support That Cloverdale Cold Storage Has Never Experienced Before

“I would have to say that the service levels are 50 times better,” says Don.

Switching from their previous IT company to Coleman Technologies has been a “night and day” experience for Cloverdale Cold Storage. The support process with the old IT support team was tedious, repetitive, and ineffective.

“With the last IT company, when a ticket would be opened, it was like peeling an onion,” says Lawrence Brew, General Manager, Cloverdale Cold Storage. “You deal with somebody at the call center, you get transferred to somebody else, you translate that information to somebody else.”

The quality of support they receive from Coleman Technologies technicians is more personal, effective, and committed. Any time a Cloverdale Cold Storage staff member has an issue, they know they’ll get a fast solution from Coleman Technologies.

“Now when we deal with Coleman Technologies, they look at that ticket, and you get a response from someone who’s capable of handling the entire thing,” says Lawrence. “You’re not explaining yourself to multiple people.”

This is part and parcel to the way that Coleman Technologies does business. Their team recognizes that the better they know the client’s team, the more quickly and permanently they can solve their IT problems.

“Coleman Technologies even asked for a list of all the users at Cloverdale Cold Storage so that they could get to know them by name and workstation and so on,” says Don. “We never got that from anybody else.”

All of this helps to create a culture of rapid support and lasting solutions. Everything Coleman Technologies learns about Cloverdale Cold Storage helps to inform a more efficient support process the next time a support ticket is opened.

“I can tell already, in three months, that what we tell Coleman Technologies is sticking,” says Don.

Coleman Technologies Is Committed To Delivering Expert & Effective IT Support

“With the Coleman Technologies people, without exception, everybody has been over the top helpful and polite,” says Don.

Since partnering with Coleman Technologies, Cloverdale Cold Storage has enjoyed seamless and effective support for its entire organization. That’s what the Cloverdale Cold Storage team wants from their IT. They want to be confident it will work as expected, day in and day out. It needs to be responsive and secure — and with Coleman Technologies’ help, that’s what they get.

“They seem genuinely interested in solving your problem,” says Don.

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