Vancouver Area Construction IT Company Charges Clients Way Too Much For Way Too Little Service

written by DARREN COLEMAN posted on July 26, 2021

This Construction Firm’s IT Company Was Charging Them Too Much For Too Little — That’s Why They Switched To Coleman Technologies

Despite how much they were paying for their IT support, this construction firm was dealing with poor system performance, vulnerable data continuity, and they even suffered a major data breach. That’s why they chose to partner with Coleman Technologies instead.

IT support, at any price, should provide value.

No matter what you’re paying for your IT services, you need to be confident it’s worth it. At the very least, that means your systems are functioning properly, your support requests are being addressed, and your business is secured against cybercrime threats.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the way it works. So many businesses put up with overly expensive and ineffective IT support. That was the case for this construction firm…

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This Construction Firm Was Being Held At Ransom By Their Construction IT Company

Prior to working with Coleman Technologies, this construction firm was struggling with its IT company. They were paying high service fees, and getting “nickel-and-dimed” on each monthly bill.

However, despite how much they were paying, they weren’t getting any value. Their servers were outdated and performing poorly. Their data wasn’t backed up properly. Their systems were vulnerable to external threats.

It wasn’t long until their systems were breached. A poorly chosen and configured firewall made it easy for cybercriminals to break into their systems and compromise their private data. When the extent of the damage became clear to this construction firm’s leadership, they decided enough was enough.

That’s when they called Coleman Technologies.

How Did We Help This Construction Firm?

Once this construction firm got in touch with us, our team came in and took stock of their IT environment. We quickly identified a number of areas that needed improvement:

  • We upgraded their backup solution to Datto, ensuring they have a reliable and recent backup of their data no matter what happens onsite at their business.
  • We upgraded their server, eliminating lag and other performance issues, while vastly mitigating the chance of failure and data loss.
  • We upgraded their firewall to ensure it wouldn’t be breached again.
  • We migrated their email from on-premise Exchange to Microsoft 365, providing them with a much more flexible and user-friendly email platform with which to communicate.

The best part is that we did all of this for the construction firm at a simple monthly flat rate. No surprise charges, no additional expenses.

Coleman Technologies Delivers High-Value IT Support

Are you in the same situation this construction firm was? You don’t have to pay high support costs for minimal results. Get in touch with the Coleman Technologies team today to lower your IT expenses and increase your ROI.

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