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Everything You Need to Know About the New macOS Monterey

The latest upgrade to Apple’s macOS operating system, macOS Monterey, was launched on June 7 at the 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference. macOS Monterey is a lighter update than macOS Big Sur, but it still offers several notable new features that enhance the Mac experience. The update includes features already present in iOS, including a rebuilt Safari and Shortcuts. Other additions, such as SharePlay and Universal Control, which were revealed at WWDC, will not be available until later this year. Aside from the new features, Apple assured users that macOS Monterey would support the widest variety of Macs ranging from the latest iMacs to the intel-based Macs.

macOS Monterey Features

According to Apple, the new update brings new and exciting ways to share, connect, increase efficiency, and operate seamlessly across Apple devices. Some capabilities, however, will only be accessible on Macs with the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max models, indicating that Apple is already moving away from Intel-based Macs.

Universal Control

This convenient tool allows you to switch between Mac and iPad using a single mouse and keyboard. Using a trackpad on your MacBook will enable you to smoothly transition to your IOS devices. You can also drag files and drop them between iOS devices. You don’t have to configure anything; you only have to place your devices close together and drag your cursor between the devices. This could turn out to be one of macOS 12 Monterey’s most valuable new capabilities.


The way we work and interact has changed dramatically in the last year, and video chats are now highly essential. Consequently, it’s exciting to see the update improve FaceTime with additional capabilities. This includes spatial audio capability (a prominent feature of Apple’s launch presentation), which means that the audio feels like it’s coming from the individual’s spatial location.

The update also incorporates Voice Isolation which employs artificial intelligence to remove background noise and make sound crisp, clearer, and simpler. On the other hand, the Wide Spectrum does the reverse and boosts all ambient noises (including voices), which might be advantageous in some situations where you need to hear acoustic signals where people are.

Perhaps, even more impressive is the option to invite any person to join a FaceTime call, including individuals using Microsoft and Android gadgets, and they too are set to enjoy end-to-end encryption.


AirPlay is now available for use on Mac. You can now seamlessly use your MacBook or Mac as a speaker or video output. Users can expand or mirror the output of an Apple device to a Mac with this, and since it supports 2 Macs, a Mac can use another Mac as an external monitor. Until recently, this was only possible with Target Display Mode.


Shortcuts are now available on Mac, enabling you to automate routine tasks. You can either customize your shortcuts or use pre-made ones. These shortcuts can be invoked through Siri, and you can import Automator workflows using Shortcuts. The menu panel, Finder, and Spotlight are all integrated with shortcuts in macOS 12 Monterey.

Safari 15

The Safari browser has been overhauled for this new update. Browser tabs are now more compact, the toolbar has been polished, and tab grouping is now possible. This stores and organizes tabs for convenient access. This is useful for folks who find themselves surfing with plenty of tabs open simultaneously.

The groups can be labelled and accessed from any device. If you alter the groups on your Mac, they will simultaneously change on your iPad and iPhone. You can also find certain websites using the search box, and the Tabs bar automatically changes colour based on the page you’re visiting.

In the new update, Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention has been upgraded to deter trackers from monitoring and profiling you based on your IP address. Safari will also proactively upgrade sites that support HTTPS compared to the less secure HTTP.


The Notes app has been modified to make note organization and collaboration easier. You may take notes from any application or website with the Quick Note function, and you can also integrate links from Maps or Safari. Multiple users can also collaborate on notes and make their own contributions. The new Activity View makes it easy to find people’s edits, and you can add tags to make it even easier to find them afterwards.


The new Focus feature in macOS 12 Monterey is a robust do not disturb mode for Mac devices. Notifications can be screened out based on your current activity. You can configure your status so that others know you don’t desire to be interrupted. Any Focus configurations will reflect on all your devices.

Messages for You

A new “Shared with You” option in the Messages app moves items you’ve received in Messages to the appropriate app. For instance, if someone shares an Apple Music song, the music will appear in Apple Music’s For You tab. When someone sends a website link, it appears in your Safari start page’s “Shared With You” area.


Apple has updated its Maps app yet again, this time adding even more detail in select locations and improving the visibility of roads, neighbourhoods, vegetation, and buildings. Major cities such as Los Angeles and New York are given a more detailed city perspective. There’s a new 3D view with 3D sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as an interactive globe for globe-trotting. Apple has improved details for mountain ranges, seas, deserts, and more around the world.

Live Text and Visual Lookup

Like Google Lens on Android, the Mac Update has added Live Text and Visual Lookup Capabilities. Live Text is a function that allows you to pick, copy, and paste text from photographs. When you photograph a receipt, macOS Monterey identifies the text and converts it into a digital text format that can be copied and pasted. This works with typed and handwritten text and URLs, phone numbers, and addresses. This tool uses on-device text identification, so no personal data leaves your Mac.

The new Visual Look Up function can recognize locations, works of art, among other images. This feature is available in the Photos app for photos you’ve shot, but it also works on the web and in other apps. Right-click on an image and select “Look Up,” and your Mac will try and figure out what it is using machine learning.

There you go. With our comprehensive guide, you can now get the most out of your new macOS update. If you want more details, or desire a great IT partner, reach out to Coleman Technologies today.

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