Outsourcing Critical IT Functions: British Columbia Business Guide

written by DARREN COLEMAN posted on September 15, 2021

Outsourcing Critical IT Functions

In today’s digital business environment, almost every organization requires technology to run its operations and improve efficiency. But, the initial cost of acquiring and maintaining the necessary IT assets can escalate quickly. So, outsourcing your business’s IT needs to an established third party can help you keep the costs low without compromising on the quality of services you provide. Outsourcing critical IT functions come with several benefits, including saving time and money. Instead of investing in a full-fledged in-house IT department and wasting time worrying about complex IT functions, you can outsource them so you can find enough time to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Outsourcing Critical IT Functions

Why Outsourcing Critical IT Functions is Beneficial

Here are some ways your business could benefit from outsourced IT services in British Columbia:

Managed Risks

Dealing with employee turnover can be very disruptive to the operations of your business, leading to huge business losses. But, through outsourcing, you get to enjoy consistency because the IT service provider will always be there to provide you with the IT support that your team needs. When your internal team gets the support they need, they can free up enough time to focus on what they’re best skilled at. Furthermore, experienced IT service providers will deliver tailored IT solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.

Supports Business Growth

The process of growing your business technologically can be costly, time-consuming, and very painful. It’s even more challenging to adapt to certain tech changes and keep up with business growth. Thankfully, when you supplement your internal IT team with the expertise of professional IT service providers, you get the boost you need to survive the current trends in IT.

Reduces Overhead Costs

Credible providers of IT services charge a flat monthly fee. Since the IT specialists from the service provider are not on your payroll, outsourcing IT functions will significantly reduce overhead costs by eliminating the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house IT team. You don’t have to worry about health insurance, employee benefits, and paid leaves anymore.

Gives you Broader Access to IT Solutions

Internal IT teams require costly IT infrastructure to operate optimally. But, when you choose to outsource some or all of your IT functions, you gain access to a broader pool of resources that would otherwise be out of reach or too expensive for your limited resources.

The Critical IT Functions To Outsource

The duties and responsibilities of internal IT teams can sometimes be overwhelming. IT service providers have the right resources to meet the needs and expectations of your IT teams. With the right managed IT services provider, you’ll be better placed in responding to your daily user issues. The service provider will support your internal IT team in areas such as:

•    Remote monitoring
•    Responding to user requests
•    Handling account configurations
•    Recovering lost files
•    Handling product upgrades
•    Ticketing management
•    Installing network resources
•    Conducting system updates
•    Implementing virtual servers for different departments
•    Configuring security solutions and firewall

Network Security 

Cyber-attacks have become a big concern for small businesses that have limited budgets to build a robust cybersecurity posture. A managed IT service provider with the right threat intelligence and security experts will help you find the right technology solutions to tighten your cybersecurity. The cost of accessing these vital technology solutions is prohibitive for small business owners who are under pressure to achieve their business objectives with their limited potential. Besides, without the right industry knowledge and skill set, choosing the right solutions to help you protect the business from cybercriminals can be challenging.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you hire MSPs that can help you with email security, firewall management, threat detection, and vulnerability testing & assessment. The right company will take the burden of deploying, integrating, and monitoring cybersecurity tools off your shoulders. That also means that you won’t have to worry about relying on outdated cybersecurity tools that may become obsolete and expose you to cybercrime threats.

Special IT Projects 

IT experts from established MSPs know how to identify the critical aspects and requirements of any special IT project. Since they can quickly draw the lines of responsibilities in your special IT projects, you can rest assured that the handling of the entire project is in safe hands. The specialists will further define various escalation procedures with your internal IT team to prevent resource and time wastage. The MSPs will work dutifully in negotiating with various carriers and vendors to help your business’s network expand exponentially without compromising the predetermined performance requirements.

The IT service provider will conduct a site survey and prepare and coordinate all necessary systems to ensure that all performance requirements are properly set up for a smooth process. The service provider will also perform acceptance testing procedures on all your equipment in order to minimize disruptions to your day-to-day operations. The outsourcing firm can help your internal IT team manage the following processes:

•    Desktop rollouts
•    VoIP calls
•    Server migrations
•    IT compliance
•    Network upgrades
•    Cloud deployments

Network Management 

It’s important to ensure that your network is constantly managed so that your internal IT team can seamlessly analyze data and configure changes to enhance performance and reliability. However, investing in an effective network management system suitable for your business can be very expensive. You can ensure that your critical devices, switches, wireless controllers, routers, and access points are being monitored around the clock. IT MSPs have the resources, experience, and expertise to handle all these critical functions for you at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, the service providers will also provide you with network automation. This means you won’t have to configure, deploy, manage repetitive tasks, and worry about operating both virtual and even physical devices manually. In general, automation has helped many businesses across the globe save time and become more efficient.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing critical IT functions serve as a one-stop solution for almost all your IT-related needs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the right IT experts are in charge of your crucial business IT needs. Working with Coleman Technologies IT specialists makes the process of aligning your business goals easier while remaining relevant and competitive on the market. If you’re looking for the right IT partner to help and manage your critical IT functions, contact our IT specialists today for more information.

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