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Business Continuity

Stay prepared for unavoidable disasters that will otherwise take your company down!

For every modern business, information technology is the backbone of operations – and without access to information, nothing would get done. What would happen if you couldn’t access vital records? What about if you couldn’t use the applications you depend on? Disasters are unavoidable – all it takes is a simple power outage or human error; and everything you’ve worked hard to store is gone.

Coleman Technologies offers data backup and business continuity to keep your company going – staying prepared for unavoidable disasters that will otherwise take your company down. Call (604) 513-9428 or send us an email:

If you’re not prepared when disaster strikes, your employees won’t be able to stay productive – all operations will go down, fast. That means missed business opportunities, lost profits, and serious damage to your reputation. Our backup and business continuity keeps you going. We’ll:

  • Backup all vital data, applications, user settings, and more –making sure you’re able to restore quickly.
  • Store backups onsite, as well as offsite in a secure cloud data center for added protection from disasters that damage equipment.
  • Create a business continuity plan for staff to follow during/after disaster with proper procedures for simplified recovery.
  • Monitor and test backups on a regular basis to ensure they’re always working – and if failure occurs, resolve the issue immediately.

Don’t wait until disaster takes your company down. Call Coleman Technologies at (604) 513-9428 or send us an email: now.