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“Always Be Prepared” Should be Your Business Technology Motto

Today’s businesses live in the fog where the physical world and the digital world converge. Every keystroke within an office environment is part of the process to make a product or deliver a service. Those products are then sold online and distributed across the globe. The services are delivered in person or within an online virtual environment.

Your business, for better or for worse, is existing and operating within a digital, data-driven age.

More than that, you are now selling to many customers who have known nothing other than laptops, Ipads, and Android smartphones.

But with the advantages that a globally connected business ecosystem gives us comes significant security risks.

Let’s ask the question.

The last time a website said, “Click here to agree to our privacy policy.” Did you read the privacy policy BEFORE you clicked?

I doubt it.

Trust has become the currency of our generation.

But the truth is, it is unearned and often unwarranted trust.

Why do I say that?

Because nearly every day there is a story in the news about another business that has fallen prey to hackers working for international cybercrime syndicates, rogue nation states, or a teenager typing away in his mother’s basement.

Risk is everywhere.

But still, we trust.

During the Cold War, Ronald Reagan adopted a phrase from the Russians. The phrase was “Trust but Verify.”

When it comes to your business and its vulnerability to cybercrime, you can’t just trust your systems and hope for the best.

To be truly prepared for the worst you have to trust AND have a data backup/business continuity strategy.

It Won’t Happen to Me


Are you sure?

How can you be sure?

It’s strange… People say, “It won’t happen to me” when it comes to cybercrime, but they don’t say “It won’t happen to me” when it comes to theft, fire, flood, vandalism, etc.

What do they do instead?

They buy insurance.

In her article for Forbes Magazine, Be A Prepper: The Keys To A Digital Disaster Recovery Plan For Business Leaders, Tamara Patzer writes, “I learned three important lessons about using technology in business. First, pay attention. Second, always have a digital recovery plan. And third, be redundant.”

Let’s Break Down Her Three Suggestions For Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery.

  1. “Pay Attention”

Let’s put our cards on the table… Nobody cares about your business as much as you do, right? So it goes without saying that if you aren’t paying attention, it’s likely that no one else is either. If you aren’t making sure your website, proprietary applications and operational data are backed up, it’s probably not getting done.

Sure, you have a hosting company for your website, and you have a company that supposed to be doing backups for you. But remember Ronald Reagan? Trust but Verify.

If you’re paying attention, you will be demanding regular reports from your hosting and data backup companies showing that the website and data are backed up on a regular basis, that the backups are verified, and that the backups can be easily recovered within a reasonable timeframe.

  1. “Have a Digital Recovery Plan”

What is your disaster recovery plan?

Do you have one?

When’s the last time you looked at it or reviewed it with your staff?

A plan that is on paper is great, but if no one is following it and no one has been trained to use it in case of an extended power outage, localized fire or flood, hacker intrusion, or physical criminal act – it’s no good to you.

A robust business backup plan should have the following elements:

  • A plan to move operations to another internet-enabled location.
  • Regular backups on a local server.
  • Regular backups to an off-site server.
  • Someone to manage, maintain, and verify those backups.
  • A source to procure new hardware quickly if needed.
  • An IT support staff to mitigate the damage and get your business up and running again immediately after a disaster.
  • Staff training and regular reviews of the business continuity strategy.
  1. “Be Redundant”

“Why am I paying for backups in Tulsa and Toronto?”

This is what a businessman asked me one day.

My response?

Didn’t your mother tell you, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”

Just because a company’s in-house server or remote data center meets all current standards and guidelines does not make it impenetrable.

What happens if an earthquake, fire, flood, criminal act, or terrorist plot takes out your stored data?

If you don’t have a geo-redundant backup plan in place, your business is in BIG trouble.

Today, data centers are targets.


Because that’s where all the valuable information is that criminals would like to steal and sell on the black market.

Wise business leaders across the nation are using geo-diverse backup strategies to ensure that they have the redundancy they need and the always-on access to data that their companies require.

The Boy Scouts Motto “Be Prepared” Makes Good Business Sense For Businesses With A Digital Footprint.

How prepared are you?

Coleman Technologies has a team of IT professionals based right here in Langley, BC that will help you work through the process of putting together a digital backup and business continuity strategy.

Businesses don’t plan to fail, but they do fail to plan.

That failure to plan can cost tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes, forces the closure of good, viable businesses.

Looking for a company that understands the intersection of business, technology, and growth? We’d be happy to talk! Pick up the phone now and call the team at Coleman Technologies.

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