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Case Study: The Downtown Langley Business Association

Have You Ever Thought About Internet Security?

Given the growing threat that cybercrime poses to businesses around the world, there’s no denying that you need the assistance of an IT professional to stay secure. Their services make your job easier, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

You need to find an IT service provider that delivers comprehensive services. IT companies that offer fully managed services will handle all of your day-to-day tasks and complex projects:

  • Cloud computing
  • Network Administration
  • End-user support
  • Cybersecurity and asset management
  • Disaster recovery planning

Fully-managed services allow you to remain focused on expanding your company’s core competencies without worrying about cybersecurity issues. You get access to industry-grade knowledge, dedication, and the expertise of an entire IT team.

This is what Coleman Technologies has offered clients in the Langley area since 1999. We provide computer support, helpdesk support, and consulting services to small and mid-sized companies.

In this case study, you’ll discover how Coleman Technologies helps businesses improve their core IT functions by providing much-needed managed IT services.

How We Help The Downtown Langley Business Association

The Downtown Langley Business Association hosts over 500 unique shops, restaurants, and services. This shopping area is pedestrian-oriented and features free parking, the trendy McBurney Plaza, historic Innes Corners, and the Cascades Casino Resort.

Before partnering with Coleman Technologies, the company initially worked with a break-fix IT professional. This one person handled occasional hardware repairs and issues like error messages, locked accounts, password resets, slow PCs, and malfunctioning applications.

Unfortunately, this arrangement came with a fair share of limitations. Break-fx IT professionals often have limited expertise with cybersecurity. They tend to have limited availability as well. Most of them don’t work round the clock, given that their workforce is limited.

Eventually, the IT professional’s limitations started causing problems for the Downtown Langley Business Association. A cybersecurity incident led to the loss of its backup data, severely threatening its continuity and productivity.

Their cybersecurity concerns prompted the company to start looking for an IT partner to provide a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. That was when the Downtown Langley Business Association got in touch with Darren Coleman, President of Coleman Technologies.

Download our complete case study with The Downtown Langley Business Association

Reaching Out to Coleman Technologies

The Coleman Technologies team’s first course of action was to conduct an audit of the client’s IT environment. An IT audit examines and evaluates the company’s IT infrastructure, operations, and policies. The goal was to determine whether the existing IT controls effectively protect all the assets in the IT environment.

This process is also crucial in establishing whether data integrity and IT controls align properly with the company’s overall goals. IT auditors analyze the physical security controls and overall business and financial controls connected to the IT systems.

In the course of the IT audit, Coleman Technologies established to what extent the company’s data was available on the dark web. The dark web is a platform malicious actors use to carry out illegal activities, such as selling drugs, weapons, and private information.

Solutions Provided by Coleman Technologies

With a detailed understanding of the organization’s IT systems and degree of exposure, Coleman Technologies then worked to mitigate the company’s issues. The team got to work cleaning up three different spyware programs identified in the environment.

Coleman Technologies also recommended that the company put everyone on the same kind of workstation. This would help to limit security issues for the company’s remote workers. Next, Coleman Technologies consolidated the Downtown Langley Business Association’s email into a single platform, which achieved a united and professional front for the business.

Currently, Coleman Technologies is helping this client to develop an inventory system. This will allow them to track the age of their IT systems and replace the old ones in due time, a crucial factor in eliminating vulnerabilities associated with outdated systems and hardware.

Why Choose Coleman Technologies for Your Business IT Needs?

Teri James, Executive Director at the Downtown Langley Business Association, says that they met Coleman Technologies at an opportune moment.

The company didn’t have experience with any other IT companies, but they lucked out in getting in touch with Coleman Technologies right away. While the client initially contacted Coleman Technologies specifically for internet security services, they would soon realize that they can provide a vast range of managed IT services.

The Coleman Technologies team is informative, patient and knowledgeable. Their range of services includes:

  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Helpdesk support
  • Remote assistance
  • Onsite assistance
  • Network documentation management

Coleman Technologies can do the same for you too.

While most other IT companies only provide basic support and generic bare minimum services, Coleman Technologies strives to be different. We want to see your business succeed by keeping you productive and profitable. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team of experts.

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