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Cloud Technologies

Take advantage of cloud technologies to give you anytime, anywhere access to data and applications!

Do you need an easier way to enhance productivity amongst your staff members? Are you looking to make mobile work simpler than ever before? You’ve heard of the cloud – but chances are, you’re not sure how to leverage cloud technologies to get the best possible outcome.

Coleman Technologies offers cloud technologies – we’ll help you choose the right cloud service for your unique needs – getting the best possible outcome for your investment. Call (604) 513-9428 or send us an email:

When it comes to leveraging cloud technologies, it’s all about leveraging the right cloud technologies for your unique needs. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your goals and objectives, then we’ll help you leverage the right service:

  • Microsoft Office 365 to give you anytime, anywhere access to emails, files, calendars, contacts, and more from any device or location.
  • Hosted Services wherein we’ll host major applications, email, telephones, and more to reduce total cost of ownership while enhancing flexibility.
  • VoIP Phones to allow you to make and receive calls over the Internet, take advantage of enterprise-grade features, and access your telephone network anytime, anywhere.

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