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Coleman Technologies President Published In Thought Leaders

Darren Coleman was recently featured in Thought Leaders, a collection of short essays by more than 100 attendees at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club in 2017.

The Coleman Technologies team is proud to share that our very own President, Darren Coleman, has been published for a second time, now as a contributing author to Thought Leaders. This new book brings together the wisdom and advice from more than 100 innovative business leaders from across the country, all of whom gathered together to share their insights at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard University in 2017.

The Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club is an annual conference for thought leaders. This book is the collected wisdom of the 2017 event, with participation from more than 100 exceptional minds who came from around the world to learn, share, network, and bond.

This book aims to share the accumulated knowledge of these many giants of industry with everyone who wasn’t able to be a part of the Business Expert Forum, distilling their experience and wisdom into a collection of short essays.

What’s the first essay in the book, you may ask? It’s entitled “Commitment” and written by Darren Coleman.

In his contribution, Darren Coleman explains what it takes to rise from humble beginnings to where he is today. Despite being born and raised in a smaller, more rural setting in British Columbia, and as a self-admitted less-than-perfect student, Darren still graduated from college and entered the workforce.

Even though he was only offered an intern position when he left college, Darren was committed to the work, bringing an integrity you earn from such humble beginnings, which quickly won him full-time employment. He didn’t stop there, however.

It was only after a few years of working that job when the owners of the business offered to sell it to him, and — you may be noticing a pattern here at this point — Darren leapt at that chance, too. What he learned as the owner of that business helped influence what Coleman Technologies is today.

As an established leader in the IT community, you may think that Darren would pause and rest there – but that’s not the case. The next opportunity is the one that would eventually lead him to the Harvard Expert Forum – the chance to collaborate on a book, Easy Prey. His contribution to and success with that book eventually gained him an invitation to speak at Harvard; what a journey, from interning at an IT company, to offering wisdom as an expert at one of the most storied universities in the country.

Today, Darren speaks publically on a regular basis in addition to his time with the Harvard Expert Forum. He has also been interviewed and featured by the likes of Forbes, Huffington Post, and Business Innovators Magazine.

Darren attributes it all to his commitment, whether it’s the work ethic he showed in his first job, or how he committed himself to co-authoring two books so far. That’s what Thought Leaders is all about. Learning from those that have gained success through perseverance, innovation, and determination. In sharing his experience and wisdom, Darren hopes to help others overcome their obstacles, realize and reach their goals, and become leaders in their own industries and communities.

If you take only one point from Thought Leaders, make sure it’s this: commit yourself to taking advantage of each and every opportunity presented to you. Whether it’s the offer to buy a business when you’re only a few years into your career, or the chance to collaborate on a book when you have yet to have anything else published, you need to consider these offers in terms of how they could change your life for the better.

Thought Leaders is a follow up to 2016 when Darren Coleman’s co-written book Easy Prey: How to Protect Your Business from Data Breach, Cybercrime, & Employee Fraud hit the Amazon Best Seller List. Darren contributed a chapter titled “Small Business: A Cybercriminal’s Easiest Prey”.

Published by TechnologyPress and released on August 18, 2016, Easy Prey attained best-seller status in three Amazon categories:

  • #1 in the category “Computers & Technology”,
  • #3 in the category “Computer Viruses”,
  • and #5 in the category “Security & Encryption”.

“The term Easy Prey aptly describes those businesses exposed to the illegal, immoral, and illicit industry known as Cybercrime,” writes TechnologyPress. “Cybercrime […] is growing quickly and more sophisticated daily. To counter the threats of cybercrime, the Celebrity Experts® in this book lead the way to secure their clients’ systems and data from vicious cyberattacks.”

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