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Case Study: Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd.

Crocker EquipmentCrocker Equipment Co. Ltd. chose Coleman Technologies to solve their website, email and file-sharing problems.

Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. is the exclusive Zamboni dealership for British Columbia and the Yukon. Like most businesses, technology is a crucial part of their operation, so it’s important for them to be confident in their IT support provider so that they can get their work done.

Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. relies on IT every day to accomplish their work. Email and online collaborative tools allow them to work more efficiently amongst themselves and communicate with customers, as well their website is an important facet of their sales efforts. Without the right support, these vital technologies were constantly at risk of failing, which would result in serious consequences to their business.

The situation: Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. needed a Managed Service Provider that could offer comprehensive support for a range of their business’ Information Technologies. 

Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. was experiencing ongoing issues with their email, file sharing and remote access capabilities, as well as with their website. Thanks to a referral, Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. was connected with Coleman Technologies who quickly addressed each of these issues with effective IT solutions.

The solution: Coleman Technologies to determined optimal solutions for each of Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd.’s issues.

Coleman Technologies ended up being the ideal choice for Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd., matching their needs with the following premium technologies:

  • Coleman Technologies outfitted Crocker Equipment Co. with Microsoft Exchange for their email needs, and Microsoft File Sharing for their collaborative efforts.
  • Coleman Technologies used WordPress to develop a modern and user-friendly website for them
  • Coleman Technologies provided a remote access solution using Logmein.

Earl P. Vorrath, President of Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd., was impressed with the IT solutions that Coleman Technologies employed to address his issues, stating that Coleman Technologies, ” Supported us with the latest technologies available.”

The Outcome: Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. now enjoys an optimized IT environment, with premium hosting and maintenance services keeping their website running smoothly.

Coleman Technologies continues to provide Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. with a number of services, including:

  • Scheduled Office Hours to check the state of their IT infrastructure and meet in person to discuss any other concerns.
  • Website hosting and maintenance that ensures interested customers can always reach out to Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. online.
  • Consulting services that help the staff at Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. consider all their options when making business decisions that involve IT. 

As their partner in IT, Coleman Technologies is always available to help the staff at Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd. get more out of their technology. Recently, representatives from Coleman Technologies visited their office to demonstrate the value of their new telephone technology. “They helped with the benefits and features of a new phone system, which added value for us,” says Vorrath. “I would definitely recommend their team”. 

Are you putting up with similar IT issues at your business? Contact Coleman Technologies at (604) 513-9428 or today to receive the same unbeatable IT support services enjoyed by Crocker Equipment Co. Ltd.