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Easy Prey – How To Protect Your Business And Bank Account From Fast-Growing, Ultra-Motivated And Highly Dangerous CyberCrime Rings

Coleman Technologies is giving you the chance to claim nearly $700 in FREE bonuses with the purchase of one highly useful book: “Easy Prey” by Darren Coleman and 25 other IT experts. All you have to do is make a purchase and you gain $694 in totally free bonuses.

What are the bonuses?

Start with a FREE Personalized IT Optimization Plan Consultation ($497 Value). You’ll learn:

  • If your IT systems are truly secured from hackers, viruses and rogue employees.
  • If your backups are configured properly to ensure that you could be back up and running again fast in a disaster. (Note: most backup solutions are a complete waste of time and money and would NOT allow you to restore everything back to normal, as you’d expect.)
  • If you are unknowingly exposing your company to expensive fines and litigation under new data breach laws regarding credit card processing, medical records, and other information you are most likely storing or handling for your clients.
  • How to utilize cheaper and more efficient cloud computing technologies to lower IT costs and make it easier to work remotely.
  • Answers to any questions you have about using smarter IT systems to work faster and more efficient.

Plus, you gain:

A FREE Business Disaster Preparedness Checklist ($197 Value)

A FREE Report, “21 Questions Your IT Guy Should Say ‘Yes’ To”

“Easy Prey” will be available through Amazon on August 18, 2016.

Praise for “Easy Prey”:

“I have always believed that business owners should do what they do best and leave matters such as computer issues and controlling cyber-crime to the professionals like Darren Coleman”. – Bryan E. Locke, CPA, CA, Wolf & Company, Chartered Professional Accountants

“Concise, informative and solution orientated detail on cyber threats that will be helpful to any business owner.” – Colin Dreyer, President and CEO Verico Financial 

After purchasing the book, simply Email your receipt to and we’ll get you set up with your FREE bonuses! To learn more about this exclusive offer, reach out to Coleman Technologies at or (604) 513-9428.


I have a standing appointment once per month where any and all computer updates, problems, etc. are looked after, taking the stress off me. They are there for me 24/7 for advice via email or an emergency appointment, and are always very punctual. I love the fact that they can fix my problem remotely from wherever, as my work in progress is always so time sensitive. I can trust them with my life and they are always there for me no matter what, where or when. I know them to be very upfront, honest, and efficient, and in my opinion true experts in their field. My husband was a very skeptical person and he felt Darren was very trustworthy, and was content to leave him at our office on his own. And that is a real compliment.


Lynn Duncan, Realtor, HomeLife Benchmark Realty Corp (Langley)

We have had the opportunity, in our group of companies to work with Coleman Technologies for the past seven years. We consider Darren and his company an integral part of our team.


Colin Dreyer,  Benchmark Investments