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InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy Looks To Coleman Technologies To Upgrade Their IT Strategy

Vancouver IT ServicesAs a multi-disciplinary clinic, InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy relies heavily upon their technologies in order to carry out daily operations in all aspects of their business. However, as the optometry and occupational therapy clinic began facing challenges in their IT environment, it was clear to see that professional help was needed. Luckily, Coleman Technologies was recommended and immediately got to work assessing, problem solving, and implementing solutions in order for InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy to achieve their goals.

As both healthcare and technology fields continue to advance at rapid rates, it is imperative that businesses in these areas can keep up. For a business in this area to outgrow the IT services and support being provided by its original vendor can make for major complications. A business can be presented with significant setbacks as it tries to find a new partner that can handle its needs before it is too late.

The Situation: The Need For Dependable Solutions & Timely Support To Avoid Downtime!

“We are a multi-disciplinary clinic. Dependable technology is necessary for efficient patient care in all aspects of our business.” explains Office Manager, Moira Gale, at InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy.

Unfortunately, experiencing performance issues with their previous IT provider, InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy knew it was time to seek out professional IT assistance in order to avoid downtime and allow them to perform at their highest levels of efficiency. Along with the need for printing solutions -a key to carrying out daily operations-, a serious need for a well qualified and certified advisor was present.

The Solution: Responsive Support & Innovative Improvements To Their IT Environment That Maximize Efficiency!

Thankfully for InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy, a referral came from their copier technician that would bring them the change in IT strategy needed to achieve their goals – Coleman Technologies.

Since partnering with Coleman Technologies, InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy has seen significant benefits. Some of the benefits that Gale says have kept the partnership strong include the “dependable, courteous, fast, efficient service – they are there when we need them”. Innovative improvements that stay on top of potential issues, provide peace of mind, keep them safe, and minimize their downtime have all been implemented, including:

  • Monthly scheduled maintenance.
  • Quick call backs after emergency calls placed. “It’s very re-assuring that the problem will be corrected.” comments Gale.
  • Max Focus (GFI) remote monitoring and antivirus.

The Outcome: A Truly Dependable IT Partnership With Sophisticated Services That Work Best For Their Clinic!

Gale continues expressing appreciation for the work that Coleman Technologies has done to date, and continues to do, for InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy. She shares an example of where Coleman Technologies has gone above and beyond the regular call of duty for the optometry and occupational therapy clinic, saying, “A virus came in via an attachment and we ended up sending out spam email to our patients. Coleman Technologies was quick to call me when the problem was realized, did immediate problem solving, and re-arranged their schedule to come in and do a full fix of the problem.”

To a company looking to outsource their IT services, on behalf of InSight Optometry & Occupational Therapy, Gale says Coleman Technologies is recommended – “Knowledgeable, current, and professional.”

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