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IT Security Services

In today’s vulnerable IT environment, all businesses are at risk—Even yours in or around Langley, BC.

It’s essential to take aggressive and proactive measures to safeguard your business’s financial data, client contacts, confidential information, and intellectual property. 

Coleman Technologies offers you an economical way to combat these ever-increasing threats —with our IT security services designed to combat all types of threats.  Contact us to learn more. (604) 513-9428

With IT Security Solutions from Coleman Technologies, your data and business will be secure with:

  • Remote Monitoring – We’ll monitor your workstations and IT system around the clock to ensure security and peak performance. If we detect any discrepancies, we can act swiftly to prevent data breaches, or disruptions to your business operations.
  • Managed Antivirus – We’ll defend your entire network 24/7 against the disastrous effects of viruses and malware. We’ll keep your systems one step ahead of potential threats.
  • Patch Management – You’ll no longer need to deploy updates and patches to every system on you network. We’ll quickly deliver all updates and security patches to your systems after testing them first ourselves.

Don’t wait until the next malicious virus or hacker robs you of your data.  Call Coleman Technologies’ Security Experts at (604) 513-9428, or email us at to learn more, or to schedule a free IT Security Assessment.