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IT Services for Financial Firms

Are you putting your clients’ confidential data at risk?

As a mortgage broker, it’s fundamental to safeguard your clients’ confidential data. In fact, there’s no room to take chances, the risks of a data breach are severe – from noncompliance fines to legal liability to reputational damage.

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As ever-changing regulations continue to evolve, mortgage brokers are under pressure to assess, monitor, and mitigate regulatory and operational risks. And when you’re working with a team of experienced financial IT experts, you’re able to rest assured knowing your clients’ confidential data is protected and your technology is secure, reliable, and running at peak performance.

Tired of Worrying About Ever-Changing Regulations? Contact Coleman Technologies – We’re Here to Help You Ensure the Reliability & Security of Your Data! 

Tired of worrying about ever-changing regulations? Looking to ensure the reliability and security of your data? Our team of IT experts is here to help you out! We offer a wide range of IT services, including:

  • Onsite and offsite data backup to keep your data safeguarded and recoverable in the event of a disaster.
  • A secure remote access solution to give you access to important files and applications from any location or device.
  • Comprehensive network security including managed anti-virus software and firewalls to further protect your network and data.
  • Support for mortgage broker software to help you leverage common programs while ensuring they’re up-to-date at all times.
  • Remote IT support to resolve minor IT issues quickly and efficiently without disrupting your workday.
  • Onsite IT support to resolve more severe IT issues while ensuring the issues don’t occur again in the future.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you maintain the reliability and security of your technology and data, so you’re able to comply with industry regulations and prevent noncompliance fines, legal liability, and reputational damage.

Looking for an IT support company to help you make the most of your technology while keeping up with evolving regulatory requirements? Contact Coleman Technologies – We’re the preferred IT support company for mortgage brokers throughout Langley, BC, and surrounding areas in Metro Vancouver.