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IT Services for Lower Mainland Law Firms

Is your law firm doing its due diligence to ensure total network security?

According to “E-discovery Law Today” cyber security should be the primary concern for attorneys who handle confidential electronically stored information.

Technology has enhanced the way your law firm in or around Langley, B.C. operates. Although you can now use technology to quickly and efficiently obtain information to boost your overall productivity, you must ensure the security of your data when it’s both in transit and in storage.  Plus, with today’s mobile business environment, you and your associates must do this from wherever you’re working.

How can you be sure your clients’ confidential data remains that way?  Coleman Technologies specializes in Legal IT Services and Security.  We can design and implement an impenetrable IT Network that is always protected from malicious attacks and data breaches. Contact us at (604) 513-9428, or to learn more. 

Did you know?

  • Your hardware, including cables, wireless access points, switches, routers and firewalls, can be an access point for cyber criminals?
  • These cyber criminals are not only hackers, they are competitive individuals or corporations looking to steal the data they need to win a case?

As a trusted legal advisor you must ensure your clients’ confidential data is protected.  This requires an IT defense on all fronts, and the expertise of IT Legal and Security Experts like Coleman Technologies who understand the legal security landscape. We can defend your technology and confidential data in all cases.

Don’t risk your clients’ data, or your reputation. Contact us for a complimentary Legal IT Assessment at (604) 513-9428 or