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  • Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About the Cloud Security

    Learning to tell the difference between myth and reality when it comes to Cloud Computing Cloud computing continues to dominate the business environment. It seems like every other day we have a client asking about how the Cloud can help them optimize business. The Cloud is an amazing resource for businesses in any industry – […]

  • Top 12 Tech Gifts 2017: Sony Alpha 6000

    Digital photography is becoming easier to do with your smartphone, some phone cameras even rivaling some of the lower end cameras. But for those purists out there, it’s tough to beat the value you get with the Sony Alpha 6000. The camera is a mirrorless design with interchangeable lenses and takes photos at 24 megapixels, […]

  • Top 12 Tech Gifts of 2017: Microsoft Xbox One X

    If you’re a gamer, especially a console gamer, you’ve no doubt heard of or are watching the Xbox One X. Microsoft has taken its flagship console, the Xbox One, and turned it up a few notches. Sporting 40% more power than any other console on the market and a 6 teraflop GPU (that’s crazy fast), […]

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