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  • Hidden Gems in Apple iOS Notes  

    The Apple iOS Notes application is a great tool with so many practical features.  However, many don’t know about these hidden tools to extend the Notes experience.  Check them out here.     The Apple’s Notes application is built into all versions of iOS. Ever since the release of the original iPhone in 2007, it’s been […]

  • Situations Where You Should Use a Wired Connection Instead of Wireless.

    A wireless connection is desirable for many businesses as employees depend more on mobile devices to work on the go. However, plugging in the old Ethernet cable manually still has its advantages, especially when your business handles confidential data. When you set up your data system, new machines, or upgrade your technology, it’s necessary to know when […]

  • The Data Theft You Never Hear About  

    Cybercriminals are constantly searching for vulnerabilities that allow them to steal data from your organization. And, the true scale of this will shock you. Cybersecurity is a hot topic in technology circles, and for a very good reason. As it turns out, 2016 was a banner year for cybercriminals, with over 4 billion records stolen […]

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