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José & Co. Custom Jewellers

Coleman Technologies Help South Surrey Jeweller With Complete Technology Solution

José & Co. Custom Jewellers is a boutique company based out of South Surrey, British Columbia, devoted to the production and sale of beautiful pieces of jewellery. They were looking for something more than just a technology company that would fix their computers after they’d already suffered another break down. They were tired of wasting money struggling to get their work done with systems that just weren’t keeping up with their needs. They needed help, but they didn’t want just anyone – they wanted IT support that would be focused on their unique needs, as well as helping guide them into the future.

That’s when they turned to Coleman Technologies.

As a custom jewellery boutique, José & Co. utilize their information technology as part of the foundation for their sales and communications. It’s not just about keeping records or making invoices – it’s about being able to connect to existing clients and prospective customers with speed and ease. It’s about being able to rest easy knowing that important files, emails, contacts, and calendars are kept secure from data loss or disaster. It’s about marketing and making the right impression with everyone that sends an email, calls, or comes in the shop.

The Situation: Looking for IT Support That Can Be Trusted

José Latchinian, the CEO of José & Co., said that he’d grown tired of IT support that wasn’t focused on the needs of his business. “As a designer, I need to devote my time and energy on something productive for me. I need someone that will guide me through resolving the issue, not speaking to me in technical language – someone that will communicate in layman’s terms. And if there’s an issue, I can communicate in layman’s terms that he understands too.”

He said that in the past, he’d dealt with IT companies that “danced around issues.” He didn’t want condescending technobabble – he wanted someone he could trust to provide leadership and straightforward service that he could rely upon.

The Resolution: An IT Company That Focuses on Proactive Solutions & Completely Managed and Customized Services

Coleman Technologies was recommended to José by a realtor friend, and right from the get-go, it was obvious that we were a good fit. “Darren Coleman, CEO of Coleman Technologies is very easy to communicate with,” said José. “I like that!. When I met with him, he was very straightforward. He used totally clear and concise language with no tone of condescension.”

We got to work right away, not only on addressing the existing performance and reliability issues of José’s systems, but also on planning for the future of his IT investments.

Some of the services we immediately began providing for José & Co. include:

  • Remote Monitoring and Management – Keeping the company’s systems watched over 24/7 in order to proactively deal with IT issues as they arise and maintain a high standard of 99% uptime.
  • Managed Anti-Virus – Safeguarding the company’s email and networks with state-of-the-art anti-virus software, so any form of malware is prevented from attacking their systems.
  • Onsite & Offsite Backups – Not only providing onsite processes and products to safely backup the company’s important records and systems, but also securing them in an offsite data centre in case any disaster should ever befall their onsite equipment.
  • Computer & Network Management – Regular maintenance, upgrades, and analysis of the company’s IT assets, in order to make sure everything is performing at its best and giving the best return on investment.

Together, we’re focused on the future. “They don’t turn around and make it just good enough for 6 months or a year,” said José. “It’s good for 5 years, and, if you want, you could change it anytime over the 5 year period.”

So what’s next for José and Co.’s relationship with Coleman Technologies? “I’d like to transfer everything over to them,” said José. “Get all of my IT needs under one roof. They have a proven track record – everyone has spoken very highly of them, and had nothing but praise.”

Tired of IT support that doesn’t focus on your future? Coleman Technologies is ready to meet with you, discuss what YOUR needs are, and show you that there’s a better way to handle all your IT needs. Call us at (604) 513-9428 or send an email to today to learn more about how we can help you.