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Windows 11 Support In British Columbia

The world has changed significantly since the initial rollout of Windows 10, and Microsoft’s recent announcement that Windows 11 will be available in the near future has users both intrigued and concerned about what the new version may bring. The upgraded software will be filled with the latest features as far as hybrid work capabilities, security, and other tech specs, but some users are not quite ready to get used to a new program. Here is an overview of the changes you can expect to see once Windows 11 becomes available later this year, as well as your next step to take if you do run into problems while using it!

Updates to Windows 11

Windows has not seen a major overhaul since Windows 10 was released in the summer of 2015, even though the world’s reliance on the internet and programs that can keep up with our constant need to stay connected has increased exponentially over the last six years. Windows 11 is filled with significant promise as far as matching the speed and reliability that work, school, and personal use demand in 2021.

Increased Hybrid Work Capabilities

Although remote and hybrid work models have gradually been increasing in popularity over the past decade, the last year has seen a dramatic spike in working from locations other than the office that is not likely to go anywhere any time soon. Many people eventually found success in and even a preference for working from home, and this shift in what a typical workday looks like has led many major companies to consider implementing a permanent hybrid workplace model that allows all employees to work from home part of the time and only come into the office a limited number of days each week if they choose to.

While many workers will find this change to be an advantage, having the best tech available will be a must in order to continue to find success with remote work moving forward. Not everyone found success working from home with their current devices, as older computers and poor internet led to lags in streaming, constantly getting kicked out of Zoom meetings, and other problems. While Windows 10 was not the direct cause of most of these issues, they emphasize the fact that the software was not quite ready for the immediate and widespread increase in remote work around the world.

Windows 11 promises an upgrade to its capability to handle a consistent hybrid work model, which will boost productivity, increase the opportunities your team members have to collaborate even if they are not in the same room or even in the same country and provide a higher level of security to protect your personal information or your company’s digital assets.

Higher Security

With this increase in reliance on technology has come a greater need for keeping files, digital assets, and devices secure, and Windows 11 promises to provide a higher level of security than any version of Windows 10. The software will come equipped with a variety of built-in security measures, such as hardware-based isolation, encryption, and malware protection, which will ensure a higher level of security and peace of mind.

Potential Problems With Windows 11

Although Windows 11 is expected to benefit most users, it may come with potential drawbacks for some individuals and businesses. Here are some potential problems some potential Windows 11 users have voiced concerns about that Coleman Technologies can provide assistance with!

Not Compatible With Every Computer

Most users will not have any problems installing or running Windows 11 on their computers, but some owners of older devices may run into issues. Certain older computers, particularly those that are not currently using Windows 10, may not have enough storage space to install the new program or enough RAM to run it at its intended speed. In these circumstances, some users may be able to remove enough unneeded files and programs to install Windows 11.

Microsoft offers a free PC health app that outlines basic system requirements for properly running Windows 11 and can help users identify steps they may be able to take to free up space or otherwise improve the efficiency of their computers if needed.

Dislike New Design

Although many people embrace new technology and are quick to add the latest updates as soon as they become available, not everyone enjoys it when a program they like and that adequately meets their personal and business needs changes abruptly. If you or your company is hesitant to switch to a new program that will likely look and function quite differently from Windows 10, you can take advantage of up to ten days of experimenting with Windows 11 before making a final decision.

Current sources reveal that Windows will allow a ten-day grace period in which you will be allowed to uninstall your Windows 11 update and go back to your most recent version of Windows 10, at least for the time being. Although Windows 10 is currently set to retire in 2025, Microsoft does not appear to have any current intention of forcing users to upgrade before that time.

Choose Coleman Technologies for All Your Windows 11 Support Needs

No matter how beneficial Windows 11 turns out to be, it will likely come with a learning curve for many users. If you do run into problems while acclimating to the new software, Coleman Technologies is here to help residents of British Columbia understand and troubleshoot their new software.

We know that attempting to contact Microsoft directly, get through to a human being, explain the problem you are experiencing, and get an answer that actually solves your problem can be difficult and time-consuming, and it is likely to be even more challenging than usual during the days and weeks following the rollout of Windows 11. For this reason, our IT support company is a much quicker and reliable option for getting assistance from locals right when you need it.  We prioritize providing hassle-free help so you can get back to being productive. Contact us right away if you run into issues when setting up or using Windows 11 or with any other IT problems you have!

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