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Your Email is Insecure - Businesses Need Email Encryption

Your Email is Insecure - Businesses Need Email Encryption

All businesses use email to communicate, but too many organizations haven’t jumped on the encrypted email bandwagon yet. Encryption is incredibly helpful to keep networks and infrastructure secure, and it can do the same for your email solution. In fact, it is likely required to ensure the secure transfer of critical and sensitive information.

Encryption secures data by scrambling it into unreadable form. The data must be decrypted using a key, which reassembles it into a readable format. The key is found on approved devices or accounts, granting your team access to the data, but only when they are allowed access. It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots and see the value of encryption for email.

Compliance with Regulations

Depending on your industry, you might need encryption to comply with regulations and laws. These include HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI. It’s important to note that this compliance extends beyond the simple transfer of data and also includes storage. If you fail to stick to these guidelines, you could be subject to fines that break your budget. It’s really just a best practice, anyway, so you should be securing your communications to be a good business partner and provider.

Security for Sensitive Information

Your business shares sensitive information with customers and clients through email all the time, even if it’s not personally identifiable information. If this information is stolen by way of an intercepted email address, that’s a serious problem. You should encrypt email messages so that any onlookers or thieves cannot do anything with what they steal.

Preserve Trust with Customers

Encryption with your mail sends a message to your customers and clients that you respect their privacy and care about the security of their information. It means they can rely on you to do what needs to be done to protect their information. This, in turn, creates a culture where you can get maximum earning potential from them.

Encrypt Your Email Today

Encrypted email is a valid way to show your customers that you are the most trustworthy business in British Columbia. To learn more about how to protect your business’ assets, contact us at (604) 513-9428.

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